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We are a small team of passionate metalsmiths, jewelers and gem collectors. Our mission is to offer the highest quality, hand selected gemstone cabochons to our community at fair prices, while demonstrating our commitment to ethical sourcing and minimizing our environmental impact.


Lucidity Gemstones is a proud Member of the American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) which is the main trade association in the colored gemstone industry, and the authoritative source on natural colored gemstones. We uphold ourselves to the same high standards of ethics that the AGTA requires of its members.



When stones are the centerpieces of your work, choosing the most striking, high quality gems elevates the beauty of your pieces, their perceived value, and ultimately their optimal price point.  At Lucidity, our curated hand-cut gemstones are limited offerings that are stocked weekly as they become available.  With their organic hand-cut forms, no two stones are alike, offering inspiration for your one of a kind pieces.



We're committed to being the most trusted, consistent and reliable source for high quality gemstones and cabochons for our community. We've designed our offerings to allow you to see our gemstone cabochons in detail including their color, quality of the hand cuts and size and thickness of the stones. We want you to be happy with your purchase. Our return policy allows you to contact us within 7 days of receipt of your order if there are any issues with the stones you've received.



We support the small business and arts communities of which we are a part by sharing resources to help you achieve success in your jewelry business and information about gemstones and their properties. We are inspired by your work and we recognize jewelers we admire in our communications.


We constantly seek new ways to minimize our environmental impact and give back to environmental non-profits that protect and restore forest land.  Our commitment includes running our offices on 100% renewable energy, using recycled paper packaging, minimizing our use of plastics and reusing plastic bags wherever we can in our processes. We're excited to announce our partnership with OneTreePlanted, and every purchase on our website will plant one tree!


We create positive, open and collaborative relationships with our family of suppliers and we've requested that they source only from mines that follow ethical standards of safety and pay a fair wage. We also ensure that our stones are cut in a 'fair trade' manner in which the lapidary stone cutters set their own rates and work in their own facilities (often their homes). 

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